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Established in January 2014, with production launch set for late of November 2014, Livicon Co., Ltd. is excited to be introducing its line of PDLCD switchable film, offering the most advanced, best-in-market products at competitive prices.

Livicon’s product development team is comprised of researchers and technical personnel who bring experience from the earliest years of PDLCD film manufacturing, backed by key achievements and advances in the field.

Livicon Co., Ltd. has made of experts who worked more than 15 years in research and production field of PDLCD.
we invented world first photo-curable Roll to Roll mass production facilities as well as recognized world best PDLCD technology with Livicon’s unique know-how for many years

After extensive product development and testing, we are confident that Livicon’s PDLCD film will come to represent the highest level of reliability and quality on the market.