To date, Livicon’s line of innovative PDLCD products may be divided into four categories:
• PDLCD Film (Unlaminated Form)
• Laminated PDLCD Glass (Smart-Glass / Switchable Glass)
• Self-Adhesive PDLCD Smart-Film / Switchable Film
• Electrical Smart-Blinds
All Livicon products have been developed and are produced with the most up-to-date technology and methods, boasting the very best optical and physical properties to be found in the global PDLCD market.

The application potentials for Livicon’s versatile, highest-quality products are readily realizable in various fields, to meet multiple needs in virtually any setting or context: in the home, in the workplace, in public and private spaces.
Experience the Variety and the Dynamic Vision of Livicon PDLCD Products:

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