Automobile / Transportation

Windows on a variety of vehicles, such as automobiles and marine vehicles, can be upgraded for function and aesthetic by Livicon PDLCD film/glass. Car sunroofs set with PDLCD film make for quickly adjustable light transmission, with variable settings not available in traditional windows.



PDLCD film applied to a car sunroof allows for quickly adjustable light intensity in the car interior. Furthermore, pplied to the side windows, PDLCD film enhances options for both clear views and privacy. You can enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable journey while maintaining utmost control over your vehicle’s interior environment.


Other Transportation

The application of PDLCD film/glass in other vehicular settings includes windows and doors in airplanes, trains, and various marine vehicles such as cruise ships and yachts. Passengers no longer need to raise or lower blackout screens or other window covers, but rather, adjust to preference the views available them through their windows.