In architecture and design, and in building and construction sectors, the UV and IR light-protection qualities of PDLCD Film have been central components of environmentally conscious, energy-conserving design and function. In airports, in modern high-rise building, and in other large-scale constructions, the variability of light transmittance by PDLCD smart-glass, to control both interior lighting and temperature, has served crucial purposes.


Miscellaneous Architecture

Glass-Based Architecture

In buildings that utilize natural light in their design concepts, light control is critical. With strategic use of smart-glass systems, modern architectural projects with transparent surfaces are lifted to another level of aesthetic dynamism & functional versatility.

With adjustable levels of opacity & transparency, smart-glass window systems make possible virtually endless variations of visual effects on a building’s surface.

Advantages in utility and maintenance are just as numerous, with smart-glass’ ability to maintain temperature and control amounts of solar heat entering in.



Hotels & Resorts

Maximize your guests’ unobstructed views of natural outdoor settings and dramatic city skylines. Smart-glass window systems allow complete control over adjustable opacity & transparency – turn the dial for a “low-level” transparent view that is still an effective screen for interior privacy.

In bath & shower areas, transparent smart-glass achieves a modern, open-concept look. From shower panels to bathroom glass-walls, choose an open view into the main suite, or turn the switch for complete privacy.


Government & Security

In meeting rooms and other official settings, smart-glass in its opaque state acts as a screen that maintains utmost security & confidentiality. Interior/exterior views and the passing of light are controlled by the turn of a dial or the slide of a switch, with adjustable levels of transparency.

In its variable functions, smart-glass is a transparent window, a tinted screen, an opaque screen, all in one. An official meeting in session is indicated by a “closed” exterior view. A vacated room or a concluded session is “opened” up to a totally transparent interior view.




Both sensitive physical materials and secure laboratory data are given enhanced protection with smart-glass window systems that, in their opaque setting, effectively block visibility and the entrance of all light, including ultraviolet rays. Whether used in conjunction with other room-darkening systems or used on its own, smart-glass brings added security and functional ease to the laboratory.


Office Buildings

The modern work environment is taken to new levels of form & function with smart-glass window systems. Self-adjusting tinted windows modulate the amount of daylight passing into interior spaces. Manual controls may also be used to adjust wide-open transparent views into ones with low-visibility tinted/frosted effects. An optimal atmosphere is maintained throughout the day by the easy control of light and temperature.

Functional possibilities of conference & meeting rooms are expanded by smart-glass walls & doors that allow for both clear interior views and complete privacy. With smart-glass’ options for various translucent settings (the range between transparency & opacity), the corporate meeting space seamlessly moves across levels of general and confidential business matters.