Advertisement & Screen

In advertising, the adjustable opaque/transparent qualities of PDLCD film/glass allow for the use of video projector technology in projecting images and graphics on a modular smart-screen or canvas of variable visibility. Advertising and signage that employ PDLCD technology in conjunction with video projection is also less obtrusive and less harsh to the eye than conventional LED advertising, even while opening up eye-catching and attractive options for video projection in unexplored spaces. The adjustable options of PDLCD film/glass make possible on-the-fly changes to storefront displays, throughout different hours of the day and night, for suitability of time and setting.



Classrooms & Lecture Halls

For lessons and lectures, tests and exams, smart-glass windows make for instantly modifiable classroom & lecture hall environments. At a transparent setting, open views keep the learning environment bright and stimulating. Tinted settings allow for control of interior & exterior views, while natural light still passes through.

Video & slideshow presentations are also ideally projected onto the “screen” of a smart glass window at opaque setting. At this setting, exterior light is also completely blocked out. Smart-glass windows replace both black-out curtains/blinds and projection screens in streamlining & modernizing educational facilities to optimum efficiency.



Restaurants & Coffee Shops

The clean lines & steel-and-glass concept of modern restaurant design. The classic look of large-canvas café windows. These are enhanced & updated by smart-glass window systems that add new dimensions of form & function.


Restaurant windows and/or glass-walls may be set to an open-concept transparent view of interior & exterior environments. Levels of transparency & opacity may then be adjusted to create a more intimate setting for diners. A “glow” effect is achieved when smart-glass in its tinted or frosted (translucent) settings is illuminated by the restaurant’s interior lighting.

Smart-glass window systems incorporated within the restaurant space also allow for open or private dining rooms to be modified at moment’s notice.

Coffee Shops & Cafés

A large café window is as much an open canvas or movie screen into the world inside as it is to the one outside. During afterhours, turn down the transparency setting of your business’ smart-glass window system and the view is closed off until next day’s opening. Rear-projection visuals on smart-glass in tinted or frosted (translucent) settings make for dynamic branding possibilities, with or without traditional signage.


Retail Window Displays

Instantly switch from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional visuals for most dramatic window displays. Functioning both as an opaque screen for rear-projected visuals and as a transparent frame for interior displays, smart-glass windows expand the canvas of possibilities for striking & innovative window displays. With precise control over total opacity, variable translucency and complete transparency, the dimensions of a storefront window become a large-screen display for video projection, one that instantly “opens up” to reveal the interior in dramatic contrast & depth of vision.