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Living Rooms & Other Living Spaces

A smart-glass system in the living room allows for maximum control over the entrance of outside light & heat. From complete opacity to total transparency, with degrees of translucency in between, smart-glass windows may be “tuned” or “dialed” to achieve optimal lighting and temperature in virtually any living space.

Dining rooms and other gathering spaces in the home benefit from smart-glass windows that switch instantly from interior privacy to wide-open exterior views. Out-of-reach and hard-to-fit windows less suited to curtains and/or blinds may also be fitted with smart-glass for convenience of control & cleanness of design.

The UV-ray blocking properties of smart-glass also make it an ideal feature for rooms containing artworks, antiques and other delicate materials adverse to prolonged exposure to sunlight.



Smart-glass windows in wet and/or humid environments such as the bathroom replace the privacy-maintaining purpose of curtains and blinds while streamlining the aesthetic & design of any space. Free of moisture-trapping fabrics and other mechanisms prone to rust and/or mold, bathrooms enhanced by smart-glass systems – suitable for regular windows, skylights, bath & shower doors and panels – maintain privacy with both ease of function & pleasing design.


With high degree of control over outside light & heat entering into a space, a smart-glass system in the bedroom allows for the modulation of an ideal environment for rest & sleep at any hour of the night or day.


Art & Culture

Museums & Galleries

Smart-glass systems add an attractive hands-on element to exhibits & collections. Museum display boxes and gallery frames may be made transparent or opaque at the push of a button.

Whether for interactive programming purposes or for the protection of fragile artifacts & artworks, smart-glass may be fitted to smaller or larger-sized constructions for simple yet sophisticated enhancements to the museum or gallery experience.


Health care

Clinics & Health Centers

In dental clinics and other smaller health care centers, limited floor-space is often in competition with large pieces of equipment. To have clear views across & into individually partitioned spaces becomes a valuable asset in such work settings. Smart-glass incorporated into walls, doors and/or partitions achieves an open-concept atmosphere, while also retaining the option for total privacy. Turn the dial or switch down for total transparency – or dial it up for a completely obscured view. With adjustable smart-glass, consultations and treatments may take place in most ideal & comfortable professional settings.



Patients’ privacy & dignity are safeguarded with smart-glass systems that close off or limit views into sensitive hospital spaces. Health care workers and patients are able to adjust necessary levels visibility & privacy, for monitoring purposes at variable settings of transparency.

With smart-glass window systems, glare from exterior light sources – from hallways, washrooms – may also be controlled & minimized in patients’ rooms while maintaining essential visibility.