Recent innovations now allow PDLCD Film to be applied and adhered to glass surfaces with ease, significantly decreasing the number of steps and amount of labor required for the installation of smart-glass windows. Livicon Self-Adhesive Film Product may be applied without any specialized skills, in a variety of settings where switchable film technology would increase control over light transmittance, privacy, and temperature. With its ultraviolet (UV) and infrared protection properties, a more comfortable and adaptable environment is achievable in virtually any setting.

Max Siz 1800mm * 3000mm
Total Transmittance On state >80%
Off state <75%
Haze On state <7%
Off state >80%
Relibility Flicking Test Up to 3,000,000 Repeat O.K
On state maintenance Up to 50,000 Hours O.K
Power Consumption 9W/㎡