Electrical Blind

Livicon Smart-Blinds products are set to cause a stir in the switchable glass market and the design industry. Livicon offers a convenient and elegant alternative to traditional window blinds, with switchable film that is now controllable as a set of electrical blinds, divided into multiple units. With a slide or turn of a switch or dial, electrical smart-blinds may be “opened” and “closed” from any spot in the room. In its ease of function and its clean, modern aesthetics, smart-blinds will enhance any interior with a streamlined and uncluttered design.

Max Siz 1800mm * 3000mm
Total Transmittance On state >85%
Off state <75%
Haze On state <5%
Off state >80%
Relibility Flicking Test Up to 3,000,000 Repeat O.K
On state maintenance Up to 50,000 Hours O.K
Power Consumption 9W/㎡